This family brought back so many memories of when I was a kid: complete chaos–in the BEST way. I know the Pusateri’s from my home church in Baltimore. I still remember when Ella (the oldest) was born and now she is DRIVING!!!

This adorable family had me laughing from beginning to end (even if Mom and Dad weren’t laughing–sorry!). Our session included but was not limited to: a wardrobe of outfits–I won’t name names, a to-go cup of wine–genius, “trespassing”– to be fair they didn’t lock the lock, and climbing on top of the barn roof–we didn’t see a sign *shrug*. Honestly, if you’re not breaking the rules during your photo session, you’re not doing it right because they always turn out to be the best photos. I also got to take some headshots for Mom and Dad which are some of my favorite pictures from this session!

Take a look at this good-looking family!

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